At Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc.® (CHNCT) we use innovative healthcare delivery systems that provide care coordination, member services, network management, and data analytics for entities that serve Medicaid populations.

Population Health Management

Value-based care succeeds when both results and outcomes are positive. To work towards this success, we conduct root cause analyses, create plans for improvement, assess performance, and provide clinical observations based on the outcomes of quality campaigns we built, launched, and monitored. We take a proactive approach, utilizing massive data sets to determine the precise elements of any healthcare variable that could benefit from our attention.

  • Medical Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Network Management
  • Practice Transformation

Health Services

A person is more than a health condition. Social determinants of health—the social and environmental influences on a person’s life—can have a tremendous impact on well-being. When we work with our members, we take a whole-person approach. We assist with a wide range of needs including medical, mental, financial, educational, housing, transportation, food, and more.

Good health outcomes are only possible when we are able to meet these basic needs. To do this, we meet with members face-to-face in the community, at their homes, or wherever is most convenient. We are focused on improving the health of our members through increasing positive behaviors. We empower members to make fully informed decisions about their care options by offering them education, support, and coaching.

  • Care Coordination
  • Chronic Disease Care Management
  • Intensive Care Management
  • Transitional Care
  • Utilization Management

Engagement Services

Engagement is about connecting with people in a meaningful way and listening to their needs. We work closely with community organizations, local hospitals, community health centers, our members, and our providers. These relationships help us improve our members’ health and social situations. We believe that improving a person’s social situation leads to healthier people and stronger communities.

  • Community Engagement
  • Community Health Worker Ambassador Program
  • Member Engagement
  • Provider Engagement

Digital & Analytics

We integrate claims, hospital, and social-needs data to provide a whole-person picture of our members. Our analytics teams use this integrated data to risk-stratify members and report on health conditions, gaps in care, utilization measures, and hospital admissions and discharge occurrences. The data, reports, and dashboards that we supply to our provider network help them proactively engage with their patients.